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How do I Activate on My TV

People don’t need to think too much about streaming platforms like Netflix, as it’s everyone’s favorite and approachable worldwide. Besides, the streaming Netflix app is not free, as it requires a subscription to use its services. And once you get the subscription, it will be easy for you to stream several movies and shows on your smartphone and TV via Moreover, the best part about the Netflix app is that it can smoothly work on different devices such as Roku TV, Apple TV, Android TV, etc. Hence, to enjoy streaming different shows and movies on a bigger screen, you need to activate Netflix on your TV via

Therefore, here you have the guide to activate smart tv via tv8. Remember, before you move forward with the guide to activate smart tv, it is necessary to have your login account. So you can activate the Netflix app on your smart TV Activate by using the code. Now, in order to bring some more clarity regarding the same, follow the downward information. Furthermore, you can better understand as a link that provides its users an 8-digit code,i.e., code. 

And by using this code, it will be easy for you to activate your login account on your preferred devices. The Netflix app must be installed on your device so that you can get the code on your screen. After getting the eight-digit code, you can enter it on other devices to sign up. Consequently, you can enjoy streaming any show you want from your premium Netflix account on your device. In brief, it works for you as a shortcut to launch your Netflix account on other devices. 

How to Activate on your Smart TV?

Activate on your Smart TV

To activate Netflix on devices like smart TVs or gaming consoles via, follow the steps below. Moreover, here you have an activation process on three major devices named Roku TV and Apple TV. 

Roku TV: Netflix Activation via

  • Firstly, ensure to establish an internet connection on your Roku TV, then jump on to the home tab.
  • Next, scroll the screen down to find the “Search Channels” icon. Once you find it, press the “OK” option on your remote.
  • Afterward, search for Netflix by entering the search field and pressing the “OK” button. Now, to download Netflix, click on “Add Channel” and wait until it’s done.    
  • Now, visit your home screen, look for the Netflix icon, and press OK to open it. After that, you need to click on the “Login” icon with the web option.
  • Doing so will open a page along with a QR code, an eight-digit code, and instructions. Now, you need to follow the instructions to proceed further.
  • Further, either go to the phone web or PC/laptop to open And then, enter the eight-digit code that you saw appeared on your screen.
  • And that’s how it will open your Netflix account on your Roku TV. Last, end this guide to activate smart tv process by choosing an account and start enjoying streaming videos.

Apple TV: Netflix Activation via

  • First, visit the homepage, find the app store, and press the OK button. After that, enter Netflix into the search field and press OK.
  • Next, click on the Netflix app to download it, then search the Netflix icon on the home screen and press OK to launch it.
  • Now, click on the Login with web option. Optionally, you can enter your email and password to activate Netflix.
  • Doing so will open a page with a QR eight-digit tv8 code and instructions. Remember to follow the instructions, then open on your smartphone or PC/laptop.  
  • Lastly, enter the eight-digit code on your web screen to open your Netflix account on your Apple TV.  

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